Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is a power cut?

When the power goes off, so will your light…when the power comes back on, it will revert to a default state.

Is Wifi reliable enough to control my house and lighting?

Wifi is a tried and tested form of communication in both the Residential and commercial space.

Do I need internet connection for my lighting control to work?

Should you wish to use the Alexa or even the phone app, internet access is required.

How to connect the smart bulbs with Alexa and Google Home?

Just watch one of our easy to follow instructional videos and you should be well on your way Automated control.

Can you turn lights on when you’re not home?

With a functional internet connection, you will have remote access to your lighting control system.

How do I use Alexa?

Alexa is a cloud service. Activating Alexa works differently based on the type of Alexa-enabled product. For far-field Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Fire TV Cube, say the wake word to activate Alexa. For devices like Amazon Tap, other Fire TV devices, or Fire TV Edition televisions, activate Alexa by pressing the Talk or microphone button. Then ask Alexa a question, such as “What is the weather today in New York?”, or tell Alexa to do something, like “Add batteries to my shopping list,” or “Play jazz.” Your question or request and related information, like music playlists, calendar entries, connected home devices, and items on your shopping list, will be processed in the Cloud.

Will the voice services improve over time?

Yes, Alexa is developed to get better over time. Alexa uses your voice recordings and other information, including from third-party services, to answer your questions, fulfill your requests, and improve your experience and our services. When you set up your Alexa-enabled product or link third-party services with Alexa, Alexa begins processing some information, such as your music playlists. You can also help us improve the voice services by providing feedback within History in the Alexa App.

Can I review what I have asked Alexa?

Yes, you can review voice interactions with Alexa by visiting History in Settings in the Alexa App. Your interactions are grouped by question or request. Tap an entry to see more detail, provide feedback, or listen to audio sent to the Cloud for that entry by tapping the play icon. Sometimes Alexa may not understand you perfectly, and the translations you see in History may not always reflect exactly what you said (for example, they may be inaccurate or incomplete). You can help us improve your experience by providing feedback on inaccurate translations in History.

How do Alexa skills work?

A: Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. You can view available skills and enable or disable certain skills from your Alexa App, and start using enabled skills by saying specific phrase(s), called invocation names, after you activate Alexa. When you use a skill, we may exchange related information with the developer of that skill, such as your answers when you play a trivia skill, your ZIP code when you ask for the weather, or the content of your requests. The Skills portion of your Alexa App may contain more information about a skill, such as applicable policies or terms of use provided by the skill developer.